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SEP Theatre | The External Production of SSD 78

Only weeks ahead to our musical performance! here’s a sneek peak of Neil It! The Musical.
The trailer will be released on February1st 2015, so stay tune!!

SEP Theatre | The External Production of SSD 78

Neil it! The musical

Don’t miss a chance to watch our awesomeness on the 3rd external production, NEIL IT! THE MUSICAL!
Neil It! The Musical (NITM), merupakan pentas drama eksternal dari SSD78 (Sanggar Seni Drama  SMAN 78) yang bercerita tentang kehidupan anak sekolah bernama Neil dan teman-temannya yang penuh kegagalan, kebimbangan, kekompakan, dan perjuangan.
Pementasan ini akan diselenggarakan pada:
Hari/tanggal : Sabtu, 14 Februari 2015
Tempat        : Nusa Indah Theater, Balai Kartini
Waktu          : 16.00 (Show 1) dan 19.30 (Show 2)
Penjualan tiket presale 3 pementasan Neil It! The Musical dibuka sampai tanggal 31 Januari 2015 untuk 100 orang pertama dalam 4 kategori.
Silver : Rp. 90.000
Gold: Rp. 170.000
Platinum: Rp. 220.000
Diamond: Rp. 270.000
Here’s the seatmap for anyone to see!
Untuk informasi, pemesanan tiket dan booking seat, hubungi Indri N. Annisa di 08195527777 (phone/whatsapp) / LINE: indrinurulannisa
Dont miss a single chance to watch how awesome our performance is! segera pesan tiketmu sebelum harga presale naik guys!
See you on 14 February 2015!

Minggu, 16 November 2014

Trip to Yogyakarta

Visit the ‘Yogyakarta’

Yogkarta is a city and the capital of Yogyakarta Special Region in Java, Indonesia. Last June, I went there as farewell trip in my junior high school. I visited many tourism spots around Yogyakarta those spots are very recommended so you guys if you want to go to Yogyakarta you should visit these spots.

  The Magnificent Borobudur

The Borobudur Temple is the world’s biggest Buddhist monument and considered to be one of the world’s seven wonders. The best way to explore this site is on foot. As you climb to the top this temple you will you will see the intricate detailed stone carvings displayed on the temple wall. When I was there I wasn’t finished till the top of the temple because I was so tired. And my friends and I looked so dirty and tired because we haven’t took a bath since we arrived to Yogyakarta. Well, it was such an ewhh.  And we couldn’t sleep well because we went there by bus. The easiest way to get there is by car because Borobudur is only one hour’s drive from Yogyakarta.

The ticket price divided into:  
·        Public (6y.o+) : Rp30.000
·        Public (6y.o-) : Rp12.500
·        Tourist (6y.o+) : Rp190.000
·        Tourist (6y.o-) : Rp95.000

The Keraton Yogyakarta

The palace of Yogyakarta known as the Keraton, is a grand complex that was planned to reflect the Javanese cosmos. When I was here, I was guided. I enjoy the peaceful around the palace. And everywhere you will see men and women in traditional costumes walking and sitting around. The Keraton was full of the people who wore the red clothes because that will make easier to know they were from my school. The Keraton is located in the centre of Yogyakarta and can be reached easily by taxi, becak, andong –the horse drawn cart-, or by a public bus.

As this is a sacred place respectful you need to:
·        Dress is required and no hat worn inside the Keraton
·        Wear shoes
·        Don’t speak too loud

(sourcy from Google)

The Keraton open everyday from 09:00 am – 14:00 pm and the ticket price is Rp5000 and for tourist Rp15.000.

Shop Till You Drop in Malioboro

Malioboro is the most famous street in Yogyakarta. Located in the heart’s of Yogya, this is the city’s main street and was once the ceremonial avenue for the Sultan to pas through on this way to and from Keraton. The best way to take in the sights of Malioboro is on foot. Stalls and stores line up the streets. There are so many wares to choose from here, that you just might need to return the next day to finish all your shopping. I went here by andong from Keraton with my friends. And we were shopping together. We bought Batik clothes as merchandise. I bought it for my mom as a gift and she loves it! The price tags are so friendly. After that we bought McD because we were too hungry. And we went back to our bus by andong again.

Some tips if you are here:
·        Take care with your belongings
·        For more exclusive items, visit stores such as Mirota in Malioboro

The Amusing Night in Alun-Alun Kidul

At night, the Southern City Square located behind the King’s Palace is always full of people looking for affordable amusement. The flickering lamps of odong-odong driven around. There are so many things we can do here. Started at about 5pm, parents take their children to play around running all the way chasing the flying bubbles or flying kites. At night, teenagers spend their night over at the Alun Alun Kidul. The darker the night, the higher the crowd. Tandem bicycles and lighted odong-odong become the favorite objects. Some of my friends were playing masangin, walking pass the twin banyan trees with eyes blindfolded. The rule of the game is very simple; we would only need to be blindfolded then walk straight about 20 m from the front of Sasono Hinggil (Javanese word, translated as higher place/ground) and pass through between the Ringin Kurung. That’s all. But as you come to see, it is not as easy as it seems.

(sourcy from Google)

We can rent the lighted odong-odong for Rp30.000-Rp60.000 depends the capacity from 4 people – 8 people.

The Amazing Pindul Cave

Wading across the river is something common, but if the river is located inside a cave, of course it will be an enjoyable yet challenging experience. Pindul is a cave that becomes part of the group of the seven caves with underground river flowing inside. It is located in Bejiharjo, Karangmojo and it offers the real sensation of adventure. For about 45 to 60 minutes, I was invinted to went along the river in the darkness of the bowels of the earth with 300 meters length using lifebelt. But before I started, I had to drank a cup of wedang jahe which served by the organizer. And I felt the peaceful when I sat on the surface like a tire boat and we had to holding hands

(sourcy from Google)

Before enjoying the track, you need to have a preparation such as using lifebelt, briefing, and drink wedang jahe. Pindul Cave open everyday from 7:00 am – 05:00 pm and the ticket price is Rp35.000.

Yogyakarta’s Traditional Food ‘Gudeg’

Since many years ago, gudeg traditional food made from young jackfruit, has been the most popular food in Yogyakarta. Not only in ‘gudeg center’ you also can find this food in every part in city. Dried gudeg becomes the most wanted gift from Jogja. Yogkarta is a never-sleep city and one of the things that always make it awake is gudeg. Many gudeg sellers sell their food from Dawn till Midnight. Do you want to eat gudeg in the middle of the night? You don’t need to worry because Gudeg Batas Kota (on Adisucipto street in front of Saphir Square) opens at 10p.m and its ready to serve you with its yummy food. For other alternative, you can try the sensation of how to eat gudeg in the kitchen where it is cooked at Gudeg Pawon on Janturan Street 36-38 Warungboto. The price of gudeg is about Rp18.000/porsion.

(sourcy from Google)

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Emir Mahira Love Story Part 52

Emir Love Story! Part 52
Setelah selesai mengerjakan un-expected test itu tiba-tiba Gushendi diri di bangku dan melakukan ini… à

Gue dan yang lain spontan  nyaut, “OOOOYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

dan kemudian Gushendi teriak lagi…. à

Sebuah lagu pun berbunyi diiringi dengan tiupan suling sakti(?)

Kita semua lalu menjadi hiperaktif! Asik asik joss!!!!
DAW DAW DIGIDAW AWEE AWEE! YE YE YE YE YEY ASEK ASEK JOSS!!!!!  Setelah selesai joget 10 ronde, akhirnya kita menjadi….ini….à

Kita menjadi, bocah alay….
Karena kita sudah menjadi bocah alay, kita pun selalu melakukan ini.. à


Lalu….. à 

Setelah itu…. à

Dan berujung seperti…. Ini… à


Tunggu….. Ini part 52 apa-apaan sih?! Ini tuh sebenernya fanfict atau instagram?! Isinya foto-foto semua-_-. *ikutan foto* *taking selfie pict* *pake hastag yg banyak* *post ke instagram* *yg nge-like banyak*


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Emir Mahira Love Story Part 51

Emir Love Story! Part 51
Teman-teman semuaa,maaf yaa gue baru bisa nge-post ELS lagi, karena gue sibuk bangettt. Banyak pr,tugas, dan ulangan yang menumpuk. Maaf ya sekali lagi;-) nahh, hope you all guys enjoy my ELS!;--)

[Fadya prov]: Nah, karena guru IPA sudah dateng yasudzz kita belajar PLKJ.  Nadia sama Abda izin ke toilet, terus kita lagi ngebahas soal sama bu ken…eh maksudnya bu farisha:--) yap pas kita lagi serius2nya Nadia sama Abda balik dari toilet begaya dia dadah2 ngintip2 dari jendela dari pintu dan mereka melangkahkan kaki ke kelas…dan…..BAAAMMMMM NADIA JATOH DIDEPAN KELAS DAN ABDA JUGAAA!!!!BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Lagian kalo aja Abda jalan liat kebawah pasti ddia gabakalan ikut jatoh, nah ini?jalan liat keatas-_-. Sumpah apa yg dia rasa ya…...yaudah focus bahas soal Ekonomi eh maksudnya Ipa. Selang beberapa menit tiba-tiba ada pengumuman. Anak-anak semua terdiam, dan gue berlari. Yang lain menangis, gue tersenyum. Yang lain berduka, gue bahagia. Sumpah yang terakhir mistis banget. Mungkin semua berharap itu pengumuman libur, dan ternyata……”Bagi siswa yang ingin bertransaksi dengan bank B*N, silahkan langsung ke meja piket karena petugasnya sudah datang, terima kasih.” Dan anak-anak pun menjadi kelabu<//3. Al: “Mir, lo ngerti gak sama nomor 8?”  E: “Hah?gatau. 8 sial makanya susah.”  Al: “Apaan sih,mir-_-“  Al:  “Emir, lau ngapain sih?”  Al:  “Emir?!?!”  Al:  “EMIR MAHIRA SALIM , KALO GUE NGOMONG DIRESPOND DONG!!!!!!!!”  BG: “Emir kamu kenapa?!”  E:  “Kok saya bu?saya gatau apa-apa……salahkan Aly buuuu.”  BG:  “Sudah-sudah dilarang menyalah-nyalahkan teman seperbangkuan. Sekarang kamu pindah.”  E:  “Pindah?pindahh tempat duduk, Bu?”  “BG:  “IYA. Nadia”  N:  “Iya bu?”  BG:  “Kamu mau pindah didepan tukeran sama Ashilla?”  N:  “Ohh,yasudahlah.”  (A)shilla:  “Terus saya duduk dimana, Bu?”  BG:  “Kamu tukeran sama Emir, duduk sama Aly.”  G:  “HAHH?!”  E:  “Oke, baiklah kalau seperti itu, Bu.”  Al:  “Tai lemeng, lo seneng.”  E:  “Mungkin dewa keberuntungan lagi berpihak ke gue.”  Al:  “Alay, sok dramatis lo. Sana main film yang judulnya ‘jangan jual ginjalku, bu.’”  E:  “Mungkin itu elo dosis nonton sinetron harus dikurangi ya, ntar kalo nggak bisa berkepanjangan.”  BG:  “Yaudah, cepat Emir.”  E:  “Iyaa,buuu.”  E:  “Fadya, akhirnya kita duduk bersamahh~”  G:  “Talk to my hand.”  E:  “-___________________-“  BG: “kita ulangan ya”  AA: “BAHILAH!!!!” Gushendi: “ASEMMMM-____-“  dan kita mengerjakan ulangan IPA dengan frustasisisasi yang amatb sangat labil ekonomi ya walaupun basically aku suka music tapi karena kontroversi hati aku jadi tau konspirasi kemakmuram kongruensi my birthday is in karang asih ya 29 my age lah. Jadi kalian mau apa? mobil? Rumah? Apartmen? Semuanya akan gue kasih. Nb : jangan tiru adegan ini.  Kita lanjut di part selanjutnyaa aja ya J

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Emir Mahira Love Story Part 50

Emir Love Story! Part 50
Si penelepon bilang, “Halooohh, sapa neehh?”  “Astagfirullahalazim, makhluk dari mana ini…”  terus dia bilang, “Yaampun why you so faggot fad, masa lupa sama gue…”  “Siapa ya? Marvel? Gemi? Konya? Moshe? Qusge?”  “Fad ini gue…abda aka encus…dan itu kenapa nama2nya absurd bgt yg tadi lo sebutin, itu mereka semua temen lo?”  Weh gilaaa, Abda omongan-nya….Faggot tjoy, serem ah takut takut. “OH EM JI abda encus…oh itu gue juga gatau mereka siapaK”  “Oh baiklahK oh iya jangan lupa bayar uang kas 2 minggu lu belom, 6 ribu yek, udah dadah fadtoyatoya gery toyatoyaJ  jadi abda encus nelfon gue Cuma mau nagihin uang kas?! Abda Fahreza Kusuma Tyas gue jodohin ama sidik juga nihJ tunggu sidik itu siapa sih?Anak gang mana dia?Dan ini lagi Aba Fahreza Kusuma Tyas siapa juga?!Ngapain ada disini?Gue kenalnya Encus weh E-N-C-U-S)(?)…gue bosen banget dan akhirnya led bb nyala, gue liat bbm udah numpuk, gue cek dan hampir semua berisi “Jual blablabla minat?PING!!! me;)”  sisanya ada Nadia & Chila nanyain pr, dan juga my beloved Emir Mahira Salim{}  “Fadya Almira sayangku watcha doin babe? I’m a lil bit bored nih;\”  “I’m doin nothing my beloved Emir Mahira, jangan bosen lahh kan ada aku disini selalu;;) EAAA”  “cieeee kamu gombal deh;*;*”   “iyadong mire, cause you’re my boo;****”  “APA FAD?! KAMU SAMA BUBU?! Fad ini gamungkin fad sumpah ini gamungkin…”  “bubu? Anak mana dia? Anak gang haji naim juga?”  “abaikan bubu, FAD kamu harus tau kalau Barbie putus sama Ken dan dia dipecat jadi artis…tapi gajadi…padahal Barbie udah pergi ke Paris terus dia bikin fashion show gitu sama Aunt Millicents, dan bersaing dengan si Jacqueline and Delvine…”  “Mire kamu nonton Barbie?! Subhanallah kamu memang lakilaki sejati ya mirJ”  “bukan..aku diberi tahu oleh Alay Syarief dan Dika Lingga Sepoeloeh”  “jadi mereka………..jangan bilang kalo mereka juga nonton strawberry shortcake….mire aku speechlessL”  “aku lebih speechless…… beibb disini dingiinn kelviinn”  “pasti nontonnya paa2”  “HAHA sotoy ah kamu kayak dukun-_-, udah yaa sayangku manisku cintakuu, aku mau ngerjain laporan dulu hehe;*;*”  “Okayy laporannya yang bagus yaa, banggakan diriku ini my baby balabala<3<3<3”  gue baru nyadar kalo ini udah jam malem._. mungkin sebaiknya saya tidak berada di panggung ini, mungkin seharusnya saya turun dari panggung ini…oke gue alay ah, mendingan gue tidur dan bermimpi yang indah…ngomong2 soal mimpi, jangan kalian semua pikir gue udah lupa ya sama mimpi tadi. Mimpi itu akan selalu teringat di benakku, sebagaimana aku mengingatmu wahai Emir Mahira yang jauh disana, hingga suatu saat Orochimaru menculik sasuke dan menjadikannya anak buahnya, dan ketika naruto memanggil sasuke…..dan saat sasuke menoleh ke arah naruto…dan mucul wajah Andhika Kanjeng Band.wtfJ ini els atau cerita apasih sebenernya-_-sumpah gue ilfeel. *Skip*

[Aly Pov:]  “Mir cukup, jangan ungkit2 KPS dan Burhan Amplop. Gue jadi inget ketika masa-masa gue bersama Burhan Amplop membrantas genduruwo;’)”  “Apaan sih alay bgt”  “Teganya dirimu mir, entar gak gue kasih kendraan nih..”  “Gue mah ke pukesmas” dan pembicaraan itu berakhir sampai disini. Oke udah malem ternyata mungkin saatnya gue untuk tidur, tapi gue gabisa tidur, gue masih kepikiran sm Ashilla, bukan berarti gue suka, tapi rencananya ituloh. Kenapa Ashilla ngotot banget sih, seenggaknya dia nyadar lah Emir udah punya pasangan, jadi harusnya dia berhenti berharap. Ngapain dia harus nunggu yang gak pasti?Seharusnya dia juga mikir kali. Udah ah mending gue memberantas setan, eh maksudnya mending gue tidur aja lah.

*Paginya* [Emir Pov]:  “Haiiii….pagi semuaa………….”  “Anak mana dia?Anak gang haji Naim juga?”  Jawab Nadia dengan muka sinis. G: “Alay lo. Ntar gak gue doain lo sama Chris.” N:  “Ihhh ilfeel gue sama lo.”  G:  “Sok-sok-an ngomong ilfeel, kayak tau artinya aja…..”  N:  “Yaelah. ill itu artinya sakit, feel itu artinya perasaan jadi ilfeel itu artinya Alay.”  G:  “Apasih, maksa banget.”  N:  “Fad ah, pacar lo udah hurt my feelings<//3”  F:  “Chris….Chris….mana nih orangnya…”  G:  “BAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA‼‼‼‼‼”  N:  “Ihhh, ilfeel ahh gue.”  Dan kemudian guru IPA dateng ke Kelas.

Emir Mahira Love Story Part 49

Emir Love Story! Part 49
[Emir pov]:  “Kenapa sih bbm?”  “Comment foto gue yg baru gue post dong, yang caption-nya ‘cuz I’m too cool 4 ma shirtJ’”  “hah?tukul?” “Too cool, duh gimanasih.”  *Karil again*  “Eh”  “Kenapa lagi?”  “Masa tadi kak Fadya cerita sama gue”  “Hah?ceriyata apaan?”  “Ngetik dulu yg bener….”  “Yaudahsih, cerita apa?”  “Mau tau aja atau banget?”  “Sok alay banget deh. Yaudah, gue juga gabakal kasih tau perasaannya Chila sebenernya gimana……”  “Oh.” Abis itu Kai ceritain apa yg di ceritain Fadya tadi(?)  G:  “Kenapa dia cerita ke lo?dia gak cerita sama gue?”  “Karena gue kece.”  “Mungkin dia mau menjaga perasaan gue…..”  “Apasih.”  “U hurt my feelings</3”  “….”  Terus gue coba melihat foto yg di post adek gue. Gue comment, “Jijik mata gue gue rebus”  Gak lama Omar juga comment, “Hina bgt”  bahahahaha gue ngakak.XD  Gue sama Aly udah sampai kamar, tapi………….ps-nya gapapa kok. Gak meledak-_-.  “Eh boong lo, katanya ps-nya meledak dan itu udah mati”  “APA?!EMIR, SEBAIKNYA KITA KUBURIN DIA!!!” “Dih, emang tadi yg matiin kan elo.”  “I’m a terrible murder…….”  “Kau yg memulai, kau yg mengakhiri…….”  Ini ceritanya kenapa ngaco banget sih?  “Gue Sabtu gajadi ikut.”  “kenapa,ly?”  “Gue males.”  “Kayaknya perasaan lo yg paling bersemangat deh waktu itu…”  “Lo apaansi, emang ada bahasa kayaknya perasaan?gak efesien itu…”  “Lo lagi marahan ya sama Ashilla?”  “Hah?siapa?”  “Ashilla”  “Ah?Martono?”  “Ashilla kuping-_-“  “Ohh.”  “Eh coba beritahu gue, lo suka kan sama Ashilla?”  “Beibbbbb dingin……”  “Aly astaga!topan bentar topan.jangan bilang lo suka sama gue?!”  “Pede banget lo.”  “Alah, udah ngaku aja gue udah tebak dari dulu kali”  “Tebak apaan?gue suka sama lo?ewhhh.”  “Ashilla benga”  “Nanti lo juga bakalan tau udah ah gue mau tidur”  Gue ngeliat Aly. A:  “Mire,jangan gitu dong gue malu…”  Dan gue langsung tembak Aly pake tembakan air daun kelor #apacoba-_-

[Fadya pov]: Yak setelah bbman sama karil gue langsung kabur ke meja makan, disana banyak makanan, tapi disebelah rumah suka setel lagu cjr, dan itu berisik sekali, dan gue gangerti kenapa tbtb ada cjrJ well okay lets back to da story, gue makan sama Anggi sama momma sama daddyyy, terus tibatiba mamake nanyain “ka, gimana sama Emir?”  “iya ka coba dong kenalin sama mama papa”, papa pun nyamber. “kan mama sama papa udah tau…emir mahira salim anak ke-2 dari om Herry Budiazhari Salim dan tante Trien, adeknya Omar Prazhari dan kakanya Karil Ilyasa”  “Kak, lo gangerti apa maksudnya papa?”  Anggi tbtb nge-jb. “Ngerti. Minta kenalin kan? Ya kan mama sm papa udh kenal sm emir”  “Ka sumpah masa lo gangerti-_-, itu maksudnya ajak main kerumah gitu”  “Tuh adek kamu yg k-popers aja ngerti maksud papa”  Ujar nyokap gue. “YaAllah mamaku dan papaku sayang, buat apa emir kerumah-_- emang mau lamaran.__.” Jawab gue.  “Ya gak lamaran juga ka…dulu aja mama sama papa pas lagi pacaran kalo malem minggu tuh ya, papa pasti ngapel kerumah mama, ketemu sama nenek kakek, gituu”  Papa mulai flashback;''). Gue sama anggi pun barengan jawab “ACIAATTCIAATT PAPA SAMA MAMA LAGI FLASHBACK!!(YY)”   “Heh kamu ya ngeledek ajadeh”  jawab mama.  Lalu Anggi beranjak dari kursi dan lari secepat kilat menuju kamar untuk yaa biasalah nonton video korea, tobat gue punya ade kerjaannya nonton video korea sepanjang hariJ *Fadya’s true story*. Dan gue pun ikutan beranjak dari kursi perlahan dan berjalan dengan sambil ngecek tl sehingga gue terjatuh dan tak bisa bangkit lagi, aku tenggelam dalam lautan luka dalam~ oke ini kenapa jadi rumor butiran debu-_- OH IYA yg rumor2 itu oplas loh..jadinya dia gakboleh pake nama ‘Rumor’ dan nyanyi Butiran Debu lagi…sedih ya…enggaksih sebenernya biasa ajaK okay back to da stoweh. Yap, gue ke kamar beresin buku, ngecek pr berulang2 dan gaada jawaban yg gue ganti, tau kenapa? Karena gue juga sebenernya gangerti itu soalK jadi gue pasrah dan gue main ipod, dan tiba-tiba……..AAA ternyata di iPod gue masih ada foto gue berdua sama emir-_- dan tibatiba gue teringat mimpi gue tadi…mimpi itu terngiang-ngiang dikepala gue bagaikan Omar yang terngiang-ngiang dikepalanya Nadia. Tbtb bb menyala2 dan berbunyi  “kriiingggg” sepertinya ada yang menelpon…dan ternyata…private number…gue gaktau harus ngangkat atau enggak, dan gue angkat… si penelepon bilang……..